Healthcheques has been developed to assist families and individuals with opportunities to accumulate savings towards their health or medical related expenses. By maximising tax incentives and receiving dollar value credits from their normal everyday living expenses, Healthcheques offers an incentive to save towards future medical treatment costs and eliminate the stress of nancing payment costs at the time of treatment.

An overview of the public and private healthcare systems both in Australia and globally, showed that there is consistently an insuf cient amount of government funding available to provide modern hospitals and medical facilities with the necessary resources to care for individuals and families.

In every medical payment system, the cost of providing healthcare to an individual is greater than the amount of government funding

provided to the carer. This shortfall in full payment is often referred to as ‘the gap’ and is required to be funded by the individual at the time of treatment. In Australia, the government funded ‘Medicare’ system contributes towards an individuals’ payment amount and in some cases it has an arrangement with a medical facility called ‘Bulk Billing’ where no additional funding or ‘out of pocket’ expense is necessary.

However, for most individuals, the treatment & prescription costs required at a time of illness or injury have become expensive and have no ‘Medicare’ or government rebate entitlement. It can be a stressful time to nd immediate funding without any savings at this time.

For individuals and families who have chosen to have private health insurance coverage, there is also a shortfall or ‘gap’ in payment that is required to be funded at the time of treatment and is not included in their policy entitlements.

Aside from the cost of medical related expenses, the ever increasing costs of daily living expenses are escalating at a rate greater than an individual or families weekly salaries can support or afford. The burden of trying to budget for everyday living has meant that most individuals and families have no additional savings for health expenses and consider private health insurance too expensive to afford.

It should be emphasised that Healthcheques has not been developed to compete with existing private health insurance companies. In fact, it is our aim to assist people with their accumulated funds towards their chosen healthcare requirements. It is possible that Healthcheques could actually help people fund their annual private health insurance policy premiums, or even introduce them to private health insurance for the rst time.

The sole aim of Healthcheques is to allow all members of the family including pets as well, to have affordable access to the medical facilities and treatments available.